Day 51--- Shredder Look-alike's or Crazy People???

We have all seen this one random guy/girl at the airport walking around with a surgical mask on. Right? Either he is doing the worst impression ever of Michael Jackson or he thinks that idiotic mask will keep him germ and disease free. I cant help but wanting to inject these people with H1N1 like Dexter and sayin, "Ooooh guess that mask didn't help after all did it...". Maybe I'm alone on this one but I imagine that if the holes in it are big enough for air particles to get through and allow you to breathe. They are probably big enough to carry a bit of the Bird Flu in with it, at least I dang well hope so. Why are most of the people I see with these things on Asian? Statistically it could be because there are more of them than anyone else. Or it could be because they are the only ones who have no shame in walking around like they are about to go tag a freeway overpass somewhere. At least they have started to put designs on them to make them a little more accessory and a little less noticeable. NOT.

There are times these things may be necessary here is a short list:

- If you are a doctor or dentist, I don't want to smell your breath when you are that close, so I assume that it is more for my benefit than yours.

- If you are friends with predominately spit-talkers, nothing will make me want to barf faster than someone else's unwanted spit in my mouth.

- Any Broadway show with Johnathan Groff, this joke has zero appeal, but if you know who he is you will get it.

- A strip club, I don't know if there are any STD's that can get airborne, but I'd rather be safe than sorry. Also, If your wife comes looking for you it will be harder for her to identify you.

- At Denny's, Again, I don't know if STD's can get airborne, but I'd rather be safe than sorry.

- If you are dressing up as Shredder from the Ninja Turtles but cant afford a metal mask.

That's it.

I hope everyone learned something new today. I didn't.


Dorian said...

It looks like those who have to wear the masks all the time have decided to live it up by making up decorative versions of the simple surgical mask. It makes me wonder if it might be enjoyable to everyone if people with prosthetics would decorate them too.

I believe this may have been the most insensitive comment I've ever mustered. Forgive me.

Sebastian Anthony said...

Just so you know, masks are for sick people to wear, not the healthy...!

You should wear one if you have a cold, or flu, whatever -- especially if it's a built-up area. Or you should stay at home, of course.

Same with a doctor -- it's not that they are avoiding your germs (though, I'm sure it helps), it's so that they don't give you something when they get close...!

ScoMan said...

I've never seen one of these people.. except on television, but then I don't spend a lot of time at airports.

The only place I've gone to in the last 18 months is a place that is full of disease anyway. A mask just wouldn't be of any use.

I think if it was Shredder mask though more people would wear them There's no shame in a Shredder mask.

Quincifer said...

I have genuinely never seen a single person wearing one of these masks! I don't think people dare wear them in the UK...

Caroline in the City said...

Pretty stylish masks, i must say

Carissajaded said...

On shark tank a couple weeks ago, this lady was trying to promote her line of fashion masks. You know like ones where there was a snout on so it looks like your a pig...awesome. i think you need to add cici's pizza and every bathroom to that list. bc i have a very strong fear of inhaling fecal bacteria.

little erin said...

well hello there.
thanks for commenting on my eureeka's castle post!
i miss old tv.
anyway just wanted you to know i moved from blogger to wordpress.
so if you're interested in seeing more you can find me at www.erinuncensored.wordpress.com hope to see you soon

and i LOVE this idea for a blog!

Lacey said...

bahahaha, thats hilarious. so far, i love you. A, because you go around looking for cat bloggers to make fun of (awesome), B, you noticed im not crazy, and C, you think my kitten is the cutest ever. Its official...we are blog buddies.

Trooper Thorn said...

You know you have too much time on your hands when you can decorate your personal face mask.

Nomad said...

dorian- give people a marker and the time and they'll find a way to decorate anything. You may be onto something there tho... decoratedlimbs.com- buy the domain

sebastian- hopefully you didn't miss all of my sarcasm

scoman- you're right, anything from the TMNT im on board

quincifer- consider yourself lucky :)

caroline- i've ordered you one with pooh bear on it, i only hope i got the right size

little erin- we've only just met and you're moving on me, how are we ever gonna have a descent relationship.

lacey- i just get better with time. just dont ever use my blog to exploit that little kitten of yours. sounds dirty.

trooper- if you are wearing a mask in the first place, i imagine you have plenty of time to decorate it.

thx everyone for the comments :)

Kandace said...

in the last week i've seen 2. Neither of them were asian. One looked like your stereotypical hick woman with the expected entourage of ugly man in a wife beater (it was cold out) and a child half dressed.

the other was some early 20s guy with 5 face piercings a mohawk and a skateboard. He kept shoving his mask down like it was there to hold his chin up. Quite useless that way unless germs only attack when it's on properly.

it was odd.

Anonymous said...

LMAO! There was a supposed outbreak of H1N1 on my campus and people were going around with those masks on for weeks. Hilarious.

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