Day 50--- CATastrophe...

So I made it. Day 50... pretty exciting huh, to all those bitches who didn't think I could do it. There you go! OK, lets be honest no one really gave a s#&t when I started this, so I really didnt have much opposition. I just thought it would be fun to make it sound like I got here barefoot, in the snow, up-hill style.

So for those of you who have come out and laughed with me up to this point, this is only the start. I still have more than 300 of these things left to write. Holy shit. I should not have reminded myself of that.... wow. Old friends who decided to follow and support, thank you, you always knew I was hilarious, now you can see it day to day ha ha... New friends from across the web, thank you so much for your continued support as well. OK, I've gone on too long I'm not the first person to have written in a Blog for 50 days, calm down Ryan.

Here is a little list of things that have happened in the last 50 days:

-I sold out... Ya, i got adsense, but I don't have a job so I had to find a way to eat. Keep on clickin those EZLUBE ads. ha ha.

-I've been yelled at by my mom, via text about the blog more than once. She still loves me. I think.

-Hopefully offended at least one person, what's the point of being honest if no one takes offense?

- Used celebrity references from Kid Rock to Hellen Keller, and still have not been sued.

- Moved from NY to LA

- Fallen for a girl :), sorry dudes. Ah, I'm ridiculous. 13 1/2 days!!!

- Gotten to 100 followers! I love you all! I'd love to have all your children, but I'm not Lil Wayne. Sorry... PS. keep telling your friends about me!

- Learned more about blogs than i ever wanted to know, but still feel like I don't know sh*&.

- Watched Kanye West once again prove that he is the biggest Douche in the entertainment business.

OK, Day fifty... who do I want to write about today, I wanted to make it big and special since it's a little bit of a benchmark but I'm gonna keep it simple since you probably already read through all that other crap.

In my blogging research I have found an over abundance of bloggers who blog about nothing but their cats. When I say over abundance I'm saying one would have been abundant, 2 is over abundant. Get it? Bloggers are big enough dorks ;) without the world thinking all we write about is our pets. I mean, cats are cute yay. One or two pictures is nice, but I have seen at least 5 to 20 blogs that are like a damn Facebook for these peoples cats. I am officially allergic to this nonsense.

I've seen one where this person takes like five pictures a day and names each pose the cat is doing. I don't know if I am more embarrassed for the person or for the cat. Now, I feel bad, I'm not gonna judge on blog content, because I'm new to this, and my shit still stinks. You can rip my grammar, my humor, and my ideas, but I feel like I at least win in the originality and content department. No, it's not a contest, yes, I'm being rude. I'm sorry in advance, I may have less than 100 followers at the end of the day. But at least I was honest, I needed to just get it off my chest, and today is my day!!! Because I said so!... If I see one more cat blog pop up in my searching I am going to call the local Chinese restaurant and then you can rename your blog "The Day My Cat Got Eaten with Fried Rice", that I'd read. Done.

On another note. i am going to figure out a way to give props to the blogs I do like I know there must be a widget or an application out there that I can add. Hopefully I find one that suits me. So don't be surprised if your blog pops up on my page. Unless its sh@#ty, then you should be surprised.

I'm gonna let you get back to your lives in a minute... BUT
Beyonce had one of the greatest videos of all time y'all!


Alyssa said...

BAHAHAA i kinda hope that you come across one more cat blog just so we can all watch the day my cat got eaten with fried rice unfold!!

Nomad said...

dont think i wont do it... shit. i may do it myself, who knows i always said id try anything once!

Anonymous said...

best blog ever:)

ScoMan said...

You should totally go Kanye on the cat blogs.

"Imma let you finish, Imma let you finish.. but CatLover98 has the best cat blog of all time!"

e said...

Seriously, am I the only person in america who thought Kanye was funny and not a dick? Well, ok it was a tad bit rude, but I had no shame in laughing at it.

New follower, looking forward to more posts =)

Nomad said...

ha ha... ok. it was funny in the same way an old person falling down the stairs is funny... you laugh, because anyone falling is just funny. you cringe because its an old person. so im kinda with you. but he is still a dick. that is no longer a theory, that has been scientifically proven.

Quincifer said...

Cat blogs rule! They make you feel better about your life because you know that you have neither the time or lack of social skills to let your world revolve around a cat. Long live cat blogs and their ability to make me feel normal.

InnerMedley said...

I am RIGHT there with you on the cat people. I think they might have a cult or something. I mean, I've had a cat, and yeah, she was cute, but I wasn't about to build a website for her. Nobody else will ever love your cat as much as you do...nobody cares about your precious kitty...back away from blogger, crazy cat people. K - got that off my chest. :)

As far as a way to share blogs you like, you can make a list of them in your sidebar and link to them. It shows under the widgets option when you're in the layout screen.

P.S. I also drink pickle juice straight from the jar. I'd rather have the juice than the pickles. LOL

Carissajaded said...

I am also of the "if i come across one more cat picture i might vomit on my keyboard" state of mind. though i love cat posts that could fall into the "making cats do uncomfortable things" variety.

Rachael said...

You think Kanye West is only the biggest Douche in the entertainment business? What about a post about the other King Douches of other industries, like international politics, CEOs etc?

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