Day 54--- I'm not Kevin Costner, But I'll Call this One Waterworld...

Raise your hand if you are one of those people who feels that they can only drink bottled water? Today's post is for you.

I am not against bottled water itself, it has never done anything to harm me, (until 13 years from now when I find out that I contracted cancer from the chemicals in the plastic). I understand the convenience and a few of the other upsides to bottled water. My problem is not with the water itself, it's with the people who act like they are drinking holy water that has been purified by God. Nowhere in Fiji is there an old man sitting at the end of a stream bottling up thousands of bottles of fresh water and sending them our way. Sure the water is from there, but it still goes through its share of chemical adding processes just to be shipped our way as the "top shelf" of the water-world. While thousands of Fijians do not even have access to clean or drinkable water, I understand this is not your problem, but I imagine there are more useful/helpful things you could do with that $5. You may say you go the bottled route purely for the taste, that I'm not even going to try and argue. But I will say that I've seen some of you Divas drink piss-warm, hand molested, ping pong ball dipped, beers during beer pong and then refuse to drink from my tap. Seems like a bit of a double standard to me. Last night we all could have all spit in a cup and dared you to drink it and now you cant drink from a sink Madonna. No kidding, where I grew up I have even seen people give there dogs bottled water to drink, on a daily basis, not just a one time thing... This is the same dog that five minutes earlier was feasting on grass and cat poop. Come on people.

Apparently water really has turned into wine. If you would have told me fifteen years ago that in 2010 we would be selling water for $1-5 a bottle, well I probably would have been playing Super Mario 3 and not been paying attention. But, if I was I would have been disgusted and given some smart ass remark about how by 2030 they will probably be selling us bottled air. If you don't like the taste of tap water buy a Brita filter if you don't like Brita, buy a PUR, if you don't like PUR well, you are just a lost cause...

OK, unlike most days today's rant actually has a point, which is why the post itself may have seemed a little all over the place. Forgive me, but sometimes certain things are heavy on my mind and heart and I cant help but judge the shallowness and the selfishness of the world we live in (especially the country I call home). Anyways, today I wanted to share something with you guys that may make me a bit more vulnerable, and you didn't think I had feelings. I'm gonna quit babbling on and let you check out a few video's and links that may inspire you to do something. Or at least think before you spend up to $5 on water, when refraining just 4 times a month could help change lives.

One video of how to help give clean drinking water.

OK this next video is Rob Bell, Its a church thing, but its not preachy, VERY worth watching.

I know that I rant day in and day out about stupid shit, its to keep myself writing, and to make sure at least once a day I get to make someone laugh. Some days I just cant deny that there is a world out there beyond my Mac that has no idea what it feels like to laugh on a daily basis. Today's post was for them, it's not gonna change the world, but if I can raise awareness through sarcasm, you better believe I'm gonna try.


carissajaded said...

hmmmm... I still have the urge to drink Fiji water. I don't think I can be convinced not to... it just tastes so good.

But as always, funny shit you got to say... thanks for the laugh!

ScoMan said...

Sarcasm is the best way to do everything. From raising awareness to quitting you job, do it with sarcasm.
I only buy bottled water if I'm on the road and being healthy.

Kelly said...

Excuse my rant, I'm up late with insomnia again:
Thank you for this blog. I hate bottled water with a passion! Only in the USA, a country that (unlike so many others) has access to clean drinking water to the VAST majority of its people; would there be an obsession with something like this. The bottles themselves are wasteful, and many, if not all companies do NOT use environmentally responsible methods to collect the water they use. Fiji, the example you used, is by far one of the worst for the environment. I'm not even going to try to be politically correct here: for those of you who insist you can't drink tap water, shut the fuck up and be grateful that you're not in a country where the only water people have to drink is visibly polluted with human waste amongst other god-awful things. Still think USA tap water is beneath you? Buy a freaking filter and a reusable bottle, at least give the landfills a break!

Kelly said...

I'm really not a self-righteous bitch as my comment makes me sound, I SWEAR! I'm vegetarian but I don't have anything against people who eat meat, because I believe there are reasonable arguments in favor of it. However, I do not see any reasonable arguments for the vast consumption of bottled water in a country like the USA.

genevieve said...

I agree with Kelly, and thanks for such an awesome post today. I also think bottled water is one of the biggest examples that we'll believe anything marketers tell us, and is unashamedly wasteful.

It's actually BETTER for you to drink from a stainless steel bottle, for all the divas out there. No plastic nasties seeping in.

You made a good point about putting money from bottled water to wells in Central Africa,
because there is no way our need is greater than theres.

Thanks! :)

Tatyana Vinogradsky said...

I completely agree with everyone- it pisses me off so much that people spend so much money on this- it's ridiculous and such a ripoff. I could never justify spending $5 on a bottled water. EVER. I just think this is one other way in which Americans are just so uptight about "cleanliness": I have to drink PURIFIED water (the water isn't dirty to begin with), I have to clorox my phone in my own house (why, because you keep your family members so repulsive?), I have to use hand sanitizer anytime I touch something other than my keyboard! (because your keyboard is so clean and hand sanitizer isn't going to make it worse for you once you become immune to small germs and supergerms start to breed on your hands). So basically, I agree that its totally ridiculous to drink $5 bottled water. In bottles that ruin the earth.

Visit my blog! http://thepoliticrat.blogspot.com

.:*aMbAr*:. said...

WOW! I used to be one of those people. I would only drink Dasani water and Fiji [my favorite] was more of a treat. I would get it every once in a blue moon. But, I'M NOT LIKE THAT ANYMORE!!! I drink my tap water, and bottle it up, and take it everywhere. Sadly, I just changed because of budget issues, instead of charity or whatever.

That first video is impressive. I really wish I could help, I'm going to research what I can do. This really inspired me, and I think it has to do with my fave drink EVER being water, and those poor kids drinking melted mud.

Quincifer said...

Oh my godddd, I can't stand bottled water people! Such a waste of money when there are people in the world who can't even get it clean through a tap.
Great post :)

Sara said...

I used to drink tap water in Georgia, then I moved to DC, and I continued to drink tap water, until I saw on the news that 2 kids got cancer and died cause of the DC tap water, more kids were getting hospitalized with lead poisoning, and a couple of other adults had lost their minds because of the Mercury levels in the water. So now I drink mostly filtered water or I buy bottled water. I think it’s important to try to help other places in the world with things they need. But honestly, can we try to focus on some of the issues in our own country, like getting decent drinking water for kids in DC (the nations capital) and other places in the country who cant afford bottled water and the water quality is as bad as DC first?

And I am not over exaggerating. I know people who add chlorine to water before drinking it here.

Fred said...

You make a very good point. On top of that I would add that for every liter of bottled water you drink, it takes 2 liters to make that plastic bottle. With the massive droughts going on around the world it's now an issue of water conservation in addition to correcting an out of control luxury item.

Vicky said...

You are a great writer.

And you put across a great point without abusing sarcasm either.

I'm sat with my glass of tap water by me now.

Once I did buy bottled water for my dog, but it was a hot day and no public use taps around. It wasn't a diva thing.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree. I have a Brita water filter for my sink because city of Atlanta water tastes disgusting, and I buy maybe 2 bottles of water a month and reuse them.

I've begun to feel more like you on this topic since I enrolled in a class on technology and the environment this semester. We watched a film about privatized water and how it has adversely affected poor countries. It was really eye opening. I'm glad you posted about this, more people need to know about the issue.

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