Day 36--- "Can You See Me Now???"

Unless you are Larry the Cable Guy who makes millions for looking like a tool there is no reason to wear camouflage out in public. Yet, day after day I still see these Rambo wannabe's flooding the streets. There are some things that were meant to be worn for specific occasions only, camouflage is definitely at the top of that list. Right up there with Halloween costumes, Santa outfits, jerseys, and work clothes. In my opinion it is just as wrong and unfashionable to wear camo to the mall as it is to wear a 3 piece suit to go hunting. Nothing screams trailer park louder than the family behind me in line at the local Wal-Mart who looks like they just killed Bambi. I realize for some of these offenders it may be the only attire that they can find but I guarantee there has got to be at least one Salvation Army in their town. Camouflage is so ugly that not even homeless people will wear it.

Obviously going to and coming from a hunt has to be acceptable, but this is not the case when you are in the row behind me at church. I'm sure if there was an 11Th commandment that got edited out it would have been thou shall not wear camouflage in church/ in public. Even spelling the name out reminds me of how ugly it is. Have you seen the camouflage shirts with words on the front? What is the point of this?... Is some hick designer out there trying to cross camo into main-stream clothing or is someone holding classes teaching deer how to read... I'm confused, appalled, and amazed all at the same time. At this rate it wont be long before people are going to try and wear military uniforms and scuba diving gear out to the mall. If you are someone who commonly breaks this rule, please realize that all the snickers and pointing is because of you. Sorry to burst your bubble. We can see you now.

Random note: Yesterday I saw a guy who was as big as a VW bus walking around the city with a camouflage shirt on and jeans on. I thought to my self, "self, if he were to happen to be out in the forest hunting is there any way on earth that whatever his prey was would not see or hear him coming." He looked like he could be about as stealth as a 747 on the lawn of the Pentagon. Going hunting with this guy would be about as successful as the cast of Little People Big World playing a pick-up game against the 96' Bulls.

Photo Caption: Up top you can see a photo I have included of popular star Rihanna wearing camouflage in public, she may be a large Larry the Cable Guy fan, or she may just be trying to hide from Chris Brown. Whatever the case may be, she still fails with this outfit.

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Noland said...

love it, and ive a topic suggeston... sunglasses indoors/at night.

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