Day 41--- Dear Mr. and Mrs. Carrot...

I hate to be the one to break it to you, but are not fooling anyone with your carrot colored fake tan. Whether it's from a tanning bed, a spray can, or a nice brown lotion rub down, we can see right through you. Or we could if you were not glowing like a pumpkin on Halloween. I know fall is just around the corner, and you may want to start matching colors, but its typically housewares and clothes, not skin color.

I find nothing attractive about a girl or guy who looks like they came from the nuclear testing at area 51. I have seen burn victims with less frightening skin. These days there is certainly no shame in being the palest one in the room, ask Marilyn Manson, its definitely not his skin that creeps everyone out. Look at Katy Perry, I have seen polar bears with more of a tan, yet she still looks angelic. I know Michael Jackson made headlines punk-ing the world with his skin color year after year, but until you can dance like him I doubt you will have the same effect. If you are trying to match your personality and skin tone, then by all means continue to get fake tans. However, if you are a self respecting adult who is not fond of people staring and pointing you may want to meet my friend the sun. Now, I am sure you've heard that the UV rays can cause skin cancer, but what's a little bit of Melanoma when you are walking around with a natural golden tan.

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