Day 21--- Bawitdaba.

When did a wife-beater become a proper replacement for clothes? Never. That's what I thought. Then why do so many guys these days get away with wearing them in public. They must be looking up to Kid Rock for fashion tips. You must know if Kid Rock were actually invited to or allowed at any important events he would get worst dressed every time (unless maybe it was an NRA meeting). Trusting Kid Rocks fashion sense would be about as wise as letting Stevie Wonder drive you home from work.

A wife-beater is commonly known as an undershirt which is exactly where they should be, under a shirt. I only think negative thoughts when I see a guy walking around in these white skin tight distractions, they may as well be wearing body paint. You know that its not only the fit guys who wear them either, commonly it is the fat, old, hairy, guys who actually are wife beaters. It makes sense that they would be sporting one of the shirts, but its unnecessary to advertise your quality of life. When I see some dude wearing one I wonder where they parked there trailer or what Wal-Mart they work at, never gee what college did he go to. I'm sure all the females that they are trying to impress don't want to be forced to look at their moobs (man-boobs) either. We all know that our government is going to slowly take away freedoms over the next few years, this is one I would not mind losing. I realize the Jerry Springer show may have to up their wardrobe budget, but I for one am willing to allow them to make that sacrifice. I know buying full shirts may be a bit pricey for those who usually stick to beaters, but maybe Obama can start a program, he's done a great job with those thus far. Plus you know once they get one shirt they are gonna cut the sleeves off and wear it every day anyways, Larry the Cable Guy style. Plus where there is a wife beater you know a mullet is not far behind, and that is just a double negative. So join my campaign to stop the abuse of wife beaters everywhere!


Anonymous said...

LDOL - tom, the guy i was going on a few dates with the last time we talked, TOTALLY WEARS WIFE BEATERS..

needless to say, we arn't dating anymore.

Noland said...

my best friend from home has been saying that for years!

Blogger said...

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