Day 43--- Bag the Bagger...

Is it just my negative outlook on the world, or is the bagger position at a grocery completely unnecessary? It's not only pointless but it is further proof that we are the laziest nation ever. (I have done a bit of traveling and never seen this position across seas, just sayin.) "Hey, I'm beat from deciding between Oreos and Chips Ahoy could you please put my groceries in my bags for me, oh also could follow me out to my car and put them in there for me? One last thing, if you aren't too busy maybe you could swing by later and help me unload it and organize my fridge, cook me dinner, feed me, brush my teeth, wipe me, and put me to bed... A few other things I cant seem to do on my own". What's next, ordering groceries online?...... shoot, too late.

It's not that I want anyone to be out of a job I just don't think we need assistance in becoming more lazy than we already are. It's like applauding your fat child who has diabetes for winning a pie eating contest. I have to say self check out is definitely more up my alley, although anyone who has been through one with me could tell you I need some more experience.

Maybe I just don't like the position due to less than desirable experiences with their packing skills. I would sooner trust Keifer Sutherland to drive my (future) kids carpool than I would to leave these guys unattended with my goodies. Cans with eggs, fresh ground beef with fruit, bread with frozen items, sometimes I think they actually go out of their way to ruin my food. I realize they are not equipped with PH D's or possibly even GED's for that matter, unfortunately for us common sense is not required either. I would bet that when these people were kids they were the ones who had trouble fitting the shapes into their corresponding holes. More and more often I find myself reaching over and bagging the stuff anyways. Maybe I'm just bitter for the 3 years I worked as a successful bagger-less cashier at Wal-Mart, so I know that it can be done. At least from I'm blogging/bitching from experience this time :-).


Jennifer Brindley said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog, I appreciate the comments!

And I completely agree with you, here in Milwaukee we have the "bag your own" at the end of the checkout and I love it. I'm 10x faster than any of the employees who have done it for me, and I bag it how I like it.

And I freakin' love your blog. Followed and blogrolled, biatch.

~Jenn (Ex Hot Girl)

Dorn said...

You have to admit that when they are "helping" someone else and not you, it's irritating. But I do completely agree that the position is pointless. Primarily because the only time they can seem to get more than 4 items in a bag is when they cram 15 canned or jarred goods, setting you up for a Pollack'd driveway.

Chelsea said...

"It's like applauding your fat child who has diabetes for winning a pie eating contest."

I totally agree, its a pointless job. But hey only in America, where we want everyone else to do stuff for us.

StephanieC said...

Ha ha, its the one thing i look out for, the line with no bagger. I hate them doing it for me, sometimes i don't like to even look coz i can feel the terror building up in me as the do as you say, meat on veg, cans on grapes, and it must show on my face. Its like being in a car with a terrible driver, close your eyes and hope to make it home safe, with whole eggs and grapes not grape juice.

FatManRunning said...

My first job was as a bagger back in the day, and we were taught both to be speedy and that there was a right way (and a wrong way) to bag groceries. I was pretty good at it. If you think about it, being a good bagger was around long before Tetris (and that's one of the reasons why I believe I'm good at Tetris, btw).

I believe the primary reason you don't see baggers through the rest of the world relates to shopping habits. It is more common for people to make multiple trips to market each week, or even daily, in some parts of the world. Here in the U.S., going to market became more of a weekly routine. Going only once a week means for more items at once, and that's where the baggers came into play. The idea was to bad the groceries while the rest of the items were still being rung up.

If you are shopping only for yourself, or have a small family, and shop a few times each week, you probably don't need a bagger. My wife and I have a large family, and we do our primary shopping only once every two weeks. Most of the time, we'd love to have a bagger. Unfortunately, most stores with baggers have done a horrible job of training them how to do it, resulting in things getting smashed or bags being loaded to the point of bursting.

Anonymous said...

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