Day 25---
$12.50 for a Movie Ticket...
$7.50 for a Soda...
$5.00 for Popcorn...
Sneaking Your Own Food into a Theatre.... Priceless.

Yesterdays blog is going to be a tough one to follow, apparently we all know what its like to walk up on the dairy farm huh... Well, since I got such a great response yesterday I figured I'd throw another group of people in that we could all relate to. If you show me someone who has never snuck food into a movie theatre, I'll show you a liar, or a Mormon, plain and simple (no, the two are not related-figure it out).

If Harkins, AMC, and so on think that it is acceptable to charge me $12.50 to watch a movie I could download online for free. Then I see nothing wrong with filling my man purse full of goodies. Ill even hide things in my socks if necessary. From a very young age this was a value that was instilled in my home. My mom taught me all the skills of the trade (she could sneak food into a restaurant and get away with it). It is kind of disgusting to think that a family of four in NYC could spend close to $100 to go see a movie and get drinks and snacks. Sneaking food into the movies does not require any special skills either, unless of course what you are sneaking in is already open. I was on a date once and I had just bought a caramel frapp from Starbucks (highly recommended BTW), I was not nearly finished by the time the movie was about to start and I didn't want to throw it away. So I politely forced the girl I was with to dig a hole in her purse and prop it up. Success! Ive also seen the old keep it wrapped up in its original bag and bury it at the bottom of the purse trick, Airheads and Redvines galore. You need to make sure you hide the food opposite the ticket ripper side. This is important in the success of your venture. (This same technique works at Broadway shows, concerts, sporting events, church, and funerals). I don't even care if I'm out with a girl and she wants some popcorn, I'll tell her we can get some Cheese Crisps at the CVS and when she is paying for the date she can call the shots. Clearly this is why I'm single...No shame.

All in all, if you are currently a food sneaker inner, props and power to you, it really is the way to go. If you do not sneak food in because you think you will get caught, next time take a good look at the ticket ripper/security, there is a reason that they are ripping the tickets. (It is probably the most that their brains can handle). I imagine if you wanted you could probably sneak a friend into a movie with the credit card receipt, or potentially anything perforated. So, give it a shot, I assure you it with be worth a trip to the store beforehand.


I have included a video on movie etiquette for those of you who dont know how to behave once in. There are bad words. So if you have kids around send them to bed, or prepare the ear muffs.

Double Cheers.


Unknown said...

Once I took in kfc... This works if u hold it in one hand and throw your coat over it!!! :)

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