Day 32--- What is that Awful Smell???

If you said moth balls you are correct. I can not people use these things for anything. I don't care if it does keep moths and other pests away from your clothes. If you were really that concerned maybe you should just wear them and not keep them in the hall closet. If rubbing dog shit on your skin kept you from getting a sunburn would you do it? I didn't think so. Sometimes the smell is so strong that I swear these people keep them in their pockets at all times. I would almost venture to say that the smell of these things at a restaurant is equally as offensive as someone smoking, and we know that has been outlawed in most non-hick states. Maybe I have a sensitive nose but I have smelled homeless people that are less repugnant, from across the street. No wonder it keeps pests away it probably keeps most humans away from you as well... I swear the day my mom and dad decide to bring that crap into their home is the day that I am putting them in one. No questions asked. I love them, but they have surely gone crazy once they make their first purchase of these little stink grenades. Sorry mom. While I was looking for pictures I also found out that they may be hazardous to humans, now this may just be propaganda put out by moths but I'm pretty sure I have been right all along. Throw them away.

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Kelly said...

People who wear to much perfume/cologne are awful too, if not worse, they can't claim senility like most people who choose to use moth balls!!

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