Day 35--- "I'm SO Drunk Right Now!!!"

"Really? Because you have had only one drink in you're hand all night".

This has happened before and it will happen again. It is a case of the girl who pretends to be drunk so she can get attention. If not purely for attention then I have no idea why girls do this. Maybe it is so they can do stuff they would never do "sober", while at the same time being coherent enough not to do anything too stupid. Maybe, these girls are on medication and really do get smashed off of half a beer. I have actually been out with a friend who had water with a lime in her glass, and was telling people it was vodka. As the night progressed she acted more and more drunk, off of water. It was quite interesting to see how things unfolded to say the least. It is true alcohol has been helping ugly people get laid since the beginning of time, but thats why we have Rohypnol these days folks. (Kidding). I guess I'm just personally annoyed with obnoxious girls pretending to be drunk for attention, so I'm taking out my frustrations in a blog. (Because that's what you do when you are a bitter person like I am, haha....)

Should these girls be considered alcoholics or actresses? Do guys do this too? What is the exact benefit? Or are there multiple reasons? Why do ugly people even go out to bars? Why do ugly people go out anywhere? Shouldn't they be at the library? Or playing World of Warcraft and updating their blog? Why aren't they taking pictures of their cat? Don't they need to be trying to become rich so they can find true love aka a gold-digger? Are you ever surprised alcohol is enough to get some people laid? Who invented beer? Do you think he was ugly?

I heard a story about a fraternity that threw a big party on campus with kegs full of non-alcoholic beer, and invited all the underclassmen. By the end of the night the majority of them were acting like drunk fools, talking about how wasted they were and jumping off things. Maybe people just think they need something to help them come out of their shells a bit so they use alcohol as an excuse. So even when they think they are drinking it the placebo affect kicks in and they start going crazy. The funny thing is when they go the "fake drunk" route then they really do have to remember all the stuff that we get to forget when we black out. Regardless, they need to be stopped, either get drunk or don't, but you need to stop going the Ashlee Simpson live performance route. (fake)


jennisita said...

um i remember someone from bubbas being one of those girls. and i used to know a guy who wouldn't necessarily act drunk but would fake drink at a party or a club. he'd buy rounds, and get a drink bought but hated drinking so only played along to avoid conflict.

Noland said...

i am pretty sure a woman invented beer.

Shibby said...

Mmmm, I'm pretty sure it's just so they can do slutty things. It's like Halloween being the one time girls can put a bra and booty shorts on (even the fucking fat ones, cringe) and stick on a tale of some sort and ears and not be able to say a damn thing about how slutty another girl looks. Same with being drunk, although it gives them the go-ahead to actually be a slut. Alcohol is the slutty kitten costume the other 364 days of the year. oh, and yes, a man definitely invented beer... simple excuse to bang ugly chicks... I guess it's the slutty halloween costume of banging fat and/or ugly chicks...


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