Day 26--- Sock it To Me...

No matter how many times I watch "The Devil Wears Prada" I am still no fashionista, believe me. Yet, I still contain enough brain cells to know that socks with sandals is a huge no no. There are no exceptions to this rule, except maybe ninjas, but they can kick me in the face so i really don't argue with them about anything. Yet, any given trip to the mall or a theme park you are bound to see at least one of these idiots walking around. I know you are thinking, "gee Ryan that's harsh". NO, no its not, these people are breaking like one of only 2 footwear rules. The other being that they go on your feet.

Jesus would be rolling in his grave if He saw you wearing socks with His sandals. (OK, I realize He rose from the grave, and He can see you all the time, but for the sake of this blog...pretend). Wearing socks with sandals is in the same "NEVER DO" category as rat tails, mullets, and fanny packs (all future blog topics). I cant imagine a time in history that someone thought, "I want to wear sandals so my feet can breathe, but not too much.

FACT: You should never be wearing sandals and end up with a farmers tan.

Is it even comfortable? It makes as much sense as wearing a thong over whitie-tighties, if you are gonna have a wedgie, go for the gold. I'm sitting here trying to think of something that looks equally as idiotic as sox con sandalias and the only thing that comes to mind is Tom Hanks' hair in "The Davinci Code", and still that hails in comparison. It actually makes me feel uncomfortable, I instantly think this person has a mental illness and is going to start drooling on me, or possibly they are from Germany. Either way we need to enlighten these people.

You know, it just makes me want to sock someone. (had to)... The end.

ps. thanks for the idea allyson :)

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Jenny said...

Love the fact in this one! what a horrid thought....tighty whities with a thong...

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