Day 18--- Aint That Some Bull Twit...

Have you ever just wanted to know what your friends are doing at every moment of the day??? Well, do I have the thing you've been looking for! TWITTER!...

Twitter-er's are the people you see attached to their phones and computers at all times. (me) They have to be, otherwise they would not be able to let all of their friends know what TV show they just watched, or what they found when they cleaned out their closet. If they were not with phone in hand 24-7 they would have no idea that one of their friends just finished their laundry and is now making their bed.

I dont know the exact reason Twitter was made, but I think it was to make us feel onmipotent, it allows you to be all places at once and semi-all knowing (in the shallowest sense of the word). Maybe another part of the excitement is that there are so many celebrities who Twitter, and because they are famous they must be doing much cooler stuff than us commoners. And if they are on Twitter and we can follow them, maybe we can live vicariously through them. (im really looking for reasons here)

So yes, I made one, I'm a Twit. Im still learning the ins and outs, but thus far no one has been hurt, (other than my dignity) so im enjoying myself. There is not too much else to say about Twitter-ers, we like to be connected, we like to know whats going on. We network.

Its like when you were young and it was time for bed, you fought to stay up as long as you could but it didnt work. So to make you feel better your mom said, "dont worry, if anyone farts we'll bottle it so you dont miss too much" (ok maybe that was just my mom)... I guess ever since then I just wanted to be in the know, and now thanks to Twitter, I am. You may say, "isnt that what Facebook and Myspace is for?"... Yes, yes they are, but honestly Twitter is so much less, and thats what makes Twitter so great!

Tweet me------> http://twitter.com/Holman365

A few random tweets (trending topics):

Hey Arnold was a good show! hah :p

all this talk about #Ben & Jerry's is really making me crave icecream. NOT okay.1 minute ago from web

This new jay-z album is not bad.....I may have to get it for my archives lol2 minutes ago from web
thank god i dont have a Chubby Hubby2 minutes ago from web


Anonymous said...

i hate twitter.

angel6033 said...

ahaha oh good ol' twitter lol

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