Day 91--- Dip Sh!t...

Well, here is a threat and a half... These are the type of people that you would like to have locked up for years on end without bail... without bail and without parole in fact. The group I speak of today are the double dippers of the earth.

This guys run as camo as the space invaders. You never know when one of these freaks of nature will climb out of the abyss to double pump a Tostito in the nearest dip.

What exactly constitutes double dipping? That may be one of the most popular questions of the century... Does it count as a double dip if you have rotated the chip? Because if so I think many of us are guilty where we stand... If a rotation does not count that could change the whole double dipping scene...

I watched an episode of MythBusters in which they proved that double dipping actually caused no more bacteria than a first and second dip from a non touched chip. This is shocking information that may be pivotal to the double dip witch hunts of the world. People in my life have been so quick to judge for the simplest double dip, but now that I know I bring no extra harm to the table will I really feel as guilty with a sneak attack? I am one of those people that likes more dip than chip, so if I pull back a half eaten chip that feels void of some dip you had better believe I am going to warm it up with a second round... I will look around the room just to see if I am being watched, I will rotate the chip from the already bitten area. Once I am sure that the coast is clear I re-dip that chip as proudly as a mother on the first day of school... Typically I am sly enough to ensure that no one has noticed my re-dive, but if they have I am sure to shoot them back a look of confidence that lets them know I am here to stay.

I'll be honest, this is the way that you have to be when you are involved with a chip there is no pussy-footing around a second helping of toppings for that chip. Whether it is salsa or guac you need to fly in un-inhabited as Amelia Earhart on her world voyage.

OK, My blogger is acting a fool, I'm gonna post this now and check back tomorrow!


ScoMan said...

Rotation doesn't count.

I don't care what the guys on Mythbuster said, I'm a germophobe and the thought of those bacteria swimming there and the fact I can't watch everyone all the time and I don't know who may or may not have double dipped means I often avoid the dip. Just looking at it I picture germs everywhere jumping and splashing about and having a good time.

I think the kid on Seinfeld said it best when he said "You dip once, and you walk away"

Anonymous said...

I was looking for some deep meaning, but it was only as deep as the bowl. ha ha.

Lothiriel said...

I don't like to share food off my plate, so I never dip my chips on the bowl where everyone has done so. What I do is (if no one has touched it) serve some dip onto my plate, grab a few chips and double dip all I want. =D

That's cool that Mythbusters proved that it's "ok," and all, but I'm still not sharing.

I'm anal when I go eat Sushi. I ask for my own plate. I hate it when they serve everyone's order on the same tray. Bleeeghhh! I love sushi.

missykimmy said...

I'm like LMJ on that one. I don't like sharing food off my plate. Double dipping is not allowed unless it's in your own plate.


angel6033 said...

I love lots of dip!! SO I usually do what a previous post said, Ill scoop up some dip on my plate and then I can enjoy as much dip as I want :)

Candice said...

As long as you wash your hands, I really don't care. I swap spit with men, what's the difference?

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