Day 117--- 11 Things That I Don't Hate...

Today is a special day... I have gotten a slight bit of criticism in the past for being negative, or for only finding the wrong in people, or for being debbie downer. This could not be further from the truth, but I can see how it may appear that way from the content of my blog... Let's be honest though the annoying people of the world are much more fun to read and write about on a daily basis than the non-annoying ones... Anyways, I have decided to combine today's blog with an award that was recently given to me by my girl LMJ. I am supposed to write a blog about 10 things that make me happy, and then include 10 blogs that make me happy... Since I have to write each day about people I've decided to write about 10 individuals or groups that make me happy, I hope this is acceptable. I would hate to be stricken down from the Bloglords with blogflu or blogritis... OK, here we go. In no particular order.

  1. First person that comes to mind is Tiger Woods, before you get disgusted, hear me out... First of all the dude just rocks at golf, whether or not you are a fan you have to appreciate someone dominating the rest of the pro's in their sport on such a consistent basis... When he is in a tournament, he is just expected to place within the top ten, it is truly cool to witness someone like that in my lifetime, especially someone who doesn't use drugs. I also like him because he has finally let us see how human he is, he is not afraid to get his ass kicked by a girl and lie about it... Props Tiger.
  2. Justin Timberlake, the dude is just cool... You can say whatever you want about him, but you are just jealous. I am not even an inch gay, but if Justin wanted to take me out for dinner, I wouldn't say no... You know you like him.
  3. Gordon Ramsay, this dude is like the Simon Cowell of the kitchen/restaurant world and I love it... Hell's Kitchen or Kitchen Nightmares are probably 2 of my favorite shows of all time. I am into the whole cooking thing and would definitely like to own a restaurant someday so this guy is sort of a hero of mine. No homo.
  4. The ghost hunters teams, I don't know if you have ever seen the show, but you should... The basis is, well, they hunt ghosts, and I watch... Its one of those things that I like respect because its something I would probably be too scared to do. Plus they are all kind of weirdo's so it is fun to watch.
  5. My girlfriend Allyson, for many reasons. One, because she wont mind that she is 5th on here, because she knows that my mind is just crazy like that. Also because she lets me wear her clothes when mine are dirty. She makes great chili. She pretends to like giving me back rubs. She supports me, but is not afraid to let me know when my blog is not funny. She likes to make fun of things like I do. She likes Disneyland and traveling, and so many more things. Yay.
  6. Bad bloggers... Pretty simply because it makes my blog appear that much better. Thanks Guys.
  7. Santa Claus. Who doesn't like this dude. First of all he has been the inspiration for some great movies, such as Christmas Vacation and Elf. Inspiration for Christmas music. He likes cookies and milk, he's got to be legit. He brings presents to all the non Jew non orphan kids in the world, and he has finally found a job that elves/midgets could do. What a stand up dude...
  8. Whoever invented Ranch Dressing or Sriracha Sauce... I could put one of the two of these on anything. Or both at the same time for that matter...
  9. Dexter. A serial killer cop who kills serial killers. What is not to love about this?
  10. Crazy people... Like actual crazy people. For so many reasons... For one, pure entertainment, there was this dude on the bus yesterday who was either well drugged or off his rocker... He was giggling to himself when I got on the bus, and I thought it about me. (Sometimes I just beam funny.)... However it was not. He was amused that there were Christmas lights everywhere... He would actually like hold short conversations with them as we drove by. Apparently they were quite funny conversations... At one point he asked the girl across from him what month it was. When she responded "December" he laughs and says "oh yeah, that would explain the lights." (I thought to myself, "yes, and the 2 inches of snow, and 20 degree weather"). Regardless, I was as entertained with him as he was with the lights for the rest of the ride... So, I don't know if I should thank him, his dealer, or the well he fell down when he was 9 but whoever is responsible, thanks.
  11. OK, and my family. It is small but I love them all.
OK, so now it looks like I am going to throw out 10 blogs that I like... Don't be offended if you are not on this list. For one, I'm not that important for you to worry about my opinion, and two, I'm probably not the only person who doesn't like it. I'm hoping that this works, I'm not a real pro with the technical side of blogging, which is sad if you think about the fact that I consider the writing my strong point... Yikes. Also, if I link you, And I so happen to be one of your 10 favorites. First of all I am flattered, feel free to put me up for the award again, I love exposure. But, don't be fully alarmed if I don't re-do this whole thing, I'll just give you another shout out or something.
  1. First of all my boy Scoman, he is just bad ass, definitely one of my most loyal readers, leaves a comment every day, even on my shit blogs, so that's just rad of him. His blog is funny too, I have to admit some of my favorite posts of his are these Facebook fails that he does, which is basically when he gets a hold of some dumb post that someone had put on fb and he pokes fun at it. Jolly good time. Plus he lives in Aussie, and anyone down under is a friend of mine.
  2. Next is this dude called ChickenMaker... there is not really any special way to explain it, its straight forward. Just check it out!
  3. OK, next is this girl whose blog is Hyperbole and a Half... she is weird and it feels good. Her blog is just random, but it all seems to make sense. I think my favorite thing about this blog is her voice. Like she writes like I think, its fun, check it out.
  4. My boy Loose Cannon, no its not what you think. Its a humor blog... Similar to mine, he points out some funny stuff in day to day life. Peep Him.
  5. Children of the 90's... This blog needs no explanation.
  6. More is Better... This girl is living my dream and writing about it... I love her List!
  7. Adnoxious, this blog says everything we think when we see stupid commercials or ads. Funny stuff here.
  8. Mental Poo... I just love anything that has to do with poo...
  9. Carissajaded... Always a fun read! I'm getting tired so my descriptions are getting shorter.
  10. 1000 Awesome Things.... This blog is so much fun... I am a huge list person, so I love looking through and seeing what they have thought up... Definitely much more inspiring than my blog, but similar idea haha...
  11. Alert... I am a retard!!! Somehow when I was working on this post last night at 4 am... I Chose 11 blogs, and thought I chose 10... or something like that... I think I might have even mixed up one or two of the links... But I am sure you guys are not surprised by this... Here is another blog that I really like and somehow left out of the 10... KNUCKLEHEAD!!!... He came by my blog today and thought I was punking him because I told him he had an award on my blog and it was not there... Anyways... Follow one of the links and check it out!!!

Good Lord that took Forever.


Sadako said...

I love Santa Claus! Who doesn't?

Lothiriel said...

Haha...I've always wondered what Gordon Ramsay is like in bed.

All these sound like great blogs. I'll definitely check them out!

Anonymous said...

I love JT AND Tiger. I hate when people get all huffy about something that goes wrong in a celebrity's personal life. Yeah, it sucks, but it doesn't take away from the fact he's mad talented.

bluamaryllis said...

Hey, I hope I'm not amongst the bad bloggers out there! Just found your blog through 1000awesomethings. Keep going and visit mine when you have a chance so you can judge for yourself : www.bluamaryllis.wordpress.com

Emily Jane said...

Gordon Ramsey is my hero. You should do a blog post about some of the idiots on Kitchen Nightmares sometime :)


that had to have taken forever. i found you from I'VE BEEN THINKING and i've got several items.

first off, i love gordon ramsey. do you watch the bbc version of kitchen nightmares? stellar programming.

second off, bad bloggers, always good for business.

third off, scoman is one of my fav blogs ever and he is getting my top blog of the week guest post tomorrow, so you should totally come and check him out

and that's it

nicole antoinette said...

Ha, thanks so much!! I love my list too :)

ScoMan said...

At first I liked Tiger when this whole thing came out, because as you said it made him human and I was sick of him being so perfect all the time, but now I'm tired of hearing his name. It's funny how quickly my opinion can change.

And Dexter is awesome. He should have been way further up the list. Above Ramsey for sure.

Thanks for passing on the award. I better do something about all this stuff soon. I like doing these things, I just.. haven't been doing them.

angel6033 said...

Congrats on the award very well deserved!! :) and you are welcome ( I am one of the bad bloggers that makes you look good)!! :)..

carissajaded said...

I want to make 1065,976,456,879.0900 children with whoever invented Siracha sauce, or as I like to call it "Rooster" sauce, who the asain lady then asks "rhat?"

Thanks so much for the shout out. I've gotten awards before but I don't think I've ever gotten one from someone who doesn't like so many things. I feel special.

PoMiFoS said...

No, Peyton Manning? How can you not like that guy?
Cut that Meat! Cut that Meat!

Blissseeker said...

First, Your welcome:) I'm glad I can help to make you look better!

Second, grrrr! I have a GREAT sense of humor which is why I am following your fab. blog however making fun of "crazy" people? Not cool. Why not laugh at people in wheel chairs and burn victims too? I realize that in order to be funny, you have to offend people at times. I guess it was just my turn to be offended. It's just that people with mental illness are fighting a stigma. This is why I am forced to remain anonymous. My career depends on it.

lastly, I still love ya! (hey, I'm borderline...our emotions/opinions can change rapidly!) xo

Children of the 90s said...

Thanks for including me! I hope needing no explanation is a good thing :)

Anonymous said...

i feel so honored to be mentioned in the best blog ever

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