Day 1--- Steward-asses...

I mean honestly. If you want to work at an airport is it a requirement to be an asshole? As mush as this may be a rhetorical question that im sending off into space i really am curious.
If you know me, (dont know who im talking to just yet) you know that i try and travel as much as i can. Sadly in the past 2 years i dont believe ive had a pleasant encounter with anyone employed by an airline. Not at check in, not at security, and sadly the courtesy desks are a joke.

Even the air hosts/hostesses these days are pricks. Just flying back from Chicago the other day i asked the dude if i could have a cran-apple and a sprite....i realize thats a tall order considering how busy he was not... but, im a growing boy i promise ill drink it all sir. (plus they are just really tasty when mixed-you should try it)... anyways the gentleman/dick looked at me like i was from baghdad. i thought he was going to call the air-marshals. Instead he just gave me a nice f-u look (as a waiter i have perfected this look) and did what i asked.

Because, hey thats his job. The great thing about flying is i know there is no way he could have put any bodily fluids into my bevvy because the cans are not open.

Ultimately i win... its just a battle im sick of fighting... I mean, i didnt ask these people to have a shitty job and life they chose this for themselves.

Of course this is not going to stop me from traveling, no sir. But im sure in time it will give me plenty of future material to write about.

So i guess that's stage one of my blog... i dont really know what im looking to do just yet, but that certainly felt a lot like venting. and it was great...


ps. the movie "the terminal" with tom hanks. not true. i looked it up.


Anonymous said...

good first vent, yo! and cran-apple with sprite? idk dude.

Unknown said...

hint: be a girl, guarantee you that will solve about half your asshole encounters. also i like to sleep on the plane, then look at them evil when they wake you up.

ps. ill have to look into this cran-apple sprite thing, see if its true.

angel6033 said...

you are welcome for the support your blog is so super bad ass!! I decided to come back to see what i had missed, I am loving the first post.

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