Day 3--- As the World Turns...

So, I'm on day three now and feeling pretty good about it. Only about 19 more days of doing this and it should be considered a habit. A least I heard somewhere that after 3 weeks of doing something everyday you become addicted to it. So we will see how that goes. I seem to be enjoying it thus far, and I pray my 3 followers are as well. Nine more followers and I am going to call you guys disciples.
After yesterday's blog (which my mom says was "kinda harsh") I decided to make today a little more light-hearted. A little.
Girls who are addicted to soap operas... commonly referred to in the female world as "soaps" or "my show". As if females are not dramatic enough already they think they need to fill their heads with this garbage' (said with a french accent). I am amazed that these things are still on TV. Yet, at the same time I am not because I feel like all of you guys(meaning ladies) watch them.
They are like a mix between a keanu reeves movie, big fish, and telemundo(the Mexican channel), yet somehow you can watch day after day. I honestly would feel less queasy after watching "Schindler's List" at a Bar Mitzvah.
You know how "The Price is Right" was like the reason to stay home from school sick when you were younger. As soon as I saw that damn hour glass from "Days of Our Lives" I suddenly felt better and wanted to be taken to school. My sick day was ruined. I cant imagine how many young boys that were forced to watch this smut are now trying to change the marriage laws if you know what i mean...
You guys know every character on "your show" and you try and predict what they are going to do on each coming episode... I would not be surprised if there was some sort of online gambling ring for predictions... I think my mom may have a bookie... Its like "Passions" by day "Dancing with the Stars" at night, you guys just cant get away from great TV. Somehow you have the nerve to judge me for watching the "Real World" and "Rob and Big". At least these people don't die and come back to life 15 times throughout the course of the show, yes I'm talking about you Stefano (had to ask my mom for his name)(i promise). Now, I'm not saying that you guys are going to go crazy if you continuously fill your head with this stuff. I'm saying its too late you probably already are. You may be able to save the rest of your family if they have not been exposed too much. ha ha... OK really though.
The truth is. If we could ban "soaps" I truly believe that the drama factor amongst women in the U.S. would drop at least 35-47%... I've done research. Regardless.... this is a risk I'm willing to take. For my children, and my children's children, and my children's children, and so on.
"Like sands through the hourglass so are the days of our lives."


Anonymous said...

First of all, don't pile all girls into one group. I HATE SOAP OPERAS.

Second: I LOVE ROB AND BIG - and Fantasy Factory. :)

Third: How in the world did you know my ring back tone is 'The Price Is Right'? lol for real tho - it is.

Anonymous said...

sad thing is i actually know who stefano is

Unknown said...

while i agree with you about "days of our lives" and "passions"....watch a few episodes of "all my children" and you might just change your entry...lol!

Anonymous said...

HEY! I'm a girl and I hate soap operas, and I know plenty of MEN, straight or otherwise, who watch them. You have some valid points, but maybe you could focus on the PEOPLE as opposed to the women who watch soaps!

Unknown said...

1) Stefano has evil powers and it's therefore VERY difficult to keep him dead.

2) Judging you for watching Rob and Big hit too close to home. I judge you for everything, but ESPECIALLY that.

3) Also we would have accepted "my stories"

Anonymous said...

so you're saying Soaps make people gay?

Nomad said...

i dont personally think anything makes people gay. so it was more of a joke. but, if it did i dont think that watching soaps would hurt their possibility/ chances.

Unbroken Focus said...

WOW! You hit the nail on the fricking head. Sick days were forever ruined with that damned hour glass...

I love this post so much i want to have its babies.

...And then use the offspring to help me pull Telemundo's plug.

Anonymous said...

Listen to Carolyn.. AMC rules.

And honestly I was surprised how you ended your blog almost uttering "all my children." I wanted you to so badly.

Trey and I religiously watch AMC every weekday and are proud of it. In a sense it makes me feel like my life is nearly drama free since it is nothing compared to AMC. In fact, I would refute your statement on how you believe if soaps were eliminated drama amongst women would decrease. In fact I believe it might do the opposite. It brings people together. Like sharing a favorite movie.

You don't have to like everything Ryan, but don't be so quick to judge. =]

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