Day 8--- Hipsters in Heat...(Scarves in August, Really?)

I'm not going to claim to be any sort of fashion guru. I know a lot of you would probably disagree, however I assure you my flawless sense of style just comes naturally. I call it comfy couture, cheap and comfortable. Now like I said I didn't go to FIT, but I don't think that it takes a fashion student to realize that wearing a scarf when its 95 degrees with 98% humidity is moronic.

Now I fully understand, respect, and appreciate the whole hipster thing going on in "The City". Greenpoint Brooklyn is no exception, I was riding the "L train" home the yesterday, (soaking wet) and there were not 1 but 3 girls with scarves on my train. Typically there is something extremely hot and untouchable with hipster girls. But, at that moment they could have been wearing helmets with baseball gloves and it would have made more sense. There's a train full of dripping people that just waited in the sauna we call our subways and these 3 have the nerve to bounce on with freaking scarves...

I imagine they are the same people who come winter time will be running around in mini-skirts and halter tops. Which, well, I'm cant say anything bad about a mini-skirt but its the same non-sense idea. Really there is not much to say. Just don't be dumb in an attempt to be fashionable, or you'll end up in my blog.

PS. I do realize that in other countries, with sand, and other extreme weather that everyone wears scarves, and other things on their head... but Im pretty sure thats for eye protection, and religious reasons. So, use a different argument.


kelly said...

I was going to comment about the usefulness of a lightweight scarf in high heat/sun, until I read your last paragraph! Nice, well rounded blog. People who sacrifice comfort for fashion on a regular basis are morons!

Margo said...

These people are classified under the same category as girls who wear miniskirts and uggs in the summer.

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